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Established 1994, Energy Management Services Ltd are highly successful independent Consultants and Brokers in the Regulated and De-Regulated Electricity and Natural Gas markets.

We approach all leading suppliers for quotations with the aim of procuring the very best prices and agreement to suit our clients' requirements.

We possess a great deal of experience in procurement, having built up an excellent working relationship with suppliers enabling us to resolve problems, especially billing disputes, quickly and efficiently to our clients benefit.

In today's competitive markets you need to work with partners you can trust and that have your best interests at the top of the agenda. All our staff at Energy Management Services work to this ethos and in doing so allow you to make fully informed and confident decisions.

As consultants we have continually progressed with dvelopments associated with utilities, our portfolio of services cover a wide range of specialist applications.

What makes us different to other companies offering similare services?

We work for you not the supplier, we become part of your team, you are the most important factor in the equation.


What is the UIA?

The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) is a Trade Association for those Third Party Intermediaries (Tpis) facilitating energy purchasing contracts between supplier and consumer. Typically these organisations will be Consultants, or Brokers and their agents. It is an independent, not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee which is directed by its members and administered by its Directors.

The UIA will work with organisations within the energy industry, particularly Suppliers, to improve relationships and understanding