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To maintain the efficient running of your business we offer specific services to meet these needs.

  1. Monitoring Services - Tariff Analysis, Bill validation, Smart metering

  2. Power Quality and Distribution- PFC & Harmonic filters, New Connections, upgrade and downgrades of supply, HV

  3. CRC

  4. Renewables

  5. Quartzray heating

  6. Surveys

  7. Generation

  8. Boreholes



Tariff Analysis & ASC, Bill validation, Smart metering

Tariff Analysis & Assured Supply Capacity

Correct tariff for your consumption profile.

To gauge if you are getting “best value” for your supply contract Energy Management Services Ltd can analyse your usage data to establish if your site is on the correct tariff structure for your usage pattern.

The Assured Supply Capacity (ASC) is for Maximum Demand 05-08 and Half Hourly 00 Profiles only and forms part of your tariff. The ASC is set when the supply is initially installed and where there has been a change of process/business at a site the ASC may be reduced leading to a reduction in charges.

Bill validation

We offer a bill validation service to highlight any errors in agreed rates.

When a contract has been placed, and as part of our continuing customer service, we will monitor each invoice received to ensure that the correct rates have been applied to the correct site.

With this information we are able to build up a picture of your sites’ consumption, this can be compared to the years previous. This information can prove invaluable when energy saving devices have been installed.

In combination with Smart Metering facilities this can lead to closer control of your utility budgets.

In addition to the ongoing validation we can offer a Historical Validation Service where we can look at past billing, over an agreed, pre-determined period.


Smart metering – Fiscal and sub metering available.

Fiscal (Main in-take) meters. To effectively manage your energy, the ability to see what, when and where your energy is being used is a valuable asset. A smart meter takes automatic readings of your energy usage, sends the readings via a mobile communications link to your energy company, who then use this data to produce an accurate gas/electricity bill. Online accounts are often offered where, at your convenience, you can view your daily/monthly/annual energy consumption and invoices.


PFC & Harmonic filters, New Connections, upgrade and downgrades of supply, HV

Power Quality

There are many varying facets and potential problems for the electricity consumer which include, inefficient energy consumption, poor power quality and inadequate distribution systems. We offer solution to ensure the incoming supply is working to its maximum potential.

Power Factor Correction - Power Factor correction is still one of the most effective ways of reducing maximum demands, liberating system capacity and reducing cost of electricity. Harmonic Filters - Harmonic disturbance is one of the most common system problems which has grown with the increased use of switch-mode power supplies in modern electrical equipment.


New connections, upgrade and downgrades of supply – to keep pace with the ever changing face of a business we administer the installation of new, upgrading and downgrading of Gas and Electricity supplies. With the growing number of Utility installation companies we are able to negotiate, through our contacts within the industry, to get our clients reliable, compliant and cost effective installations.  

HVInstallation & Maintenance Our engineers have extensive experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems. This experience has been gained from many years of working on Regional Electricity Company (REC) and Private Networks. Installation –Starting at the initial design through the installation, testing, commissioning stages, we can offer full Project management. This also includes cable installation, termination and jointing.

Maintenance - . We can prepare for outages by liaising with customers to cause the least disruption when carrying out maintenance routines. Any equipment/component modifications can also be completed by our engineers and with the completion of relevant documentation reports we aim to provide you with up to date records of the maintenance carried out.


The Carbon Reduction Commitment (recently renamed the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) has now officially started, and is the UK's first mandatory carbon trading scheme. The initial phase of the CRC is compulsory for organisations that consumed over 6,000 MWh (6,000,000 kWh) of half-hourly metered electricity during the period from January 2008 to December 2008, with the first reporting phase now completed.

During the Government's October spending review the CRC was also reviewed and there was a very important change made.

Please see below the paragraph regarding changes to the CRC.

'The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will be simplified to reduce the burden on businesses, with the first allowance sales for 2011-12 emissions now taking place in 2012 rather than 2011. Revenues from allowance sales totalling £1 billion a year by 2014-15 will be used to support the public finances, including spending on the environment, rather than recycled to participants. Further decisions on allowance sales are a matter for the Budget process.'

In essance - participants will still be required to purchase allowances, but they will not receive any recycled payments, it has been changed in to a tax. However, by scrapping allowances payments in 2011, participants can invest that budget in direct energy-saving measures.


Renewable Energy Generation

With the ever increasing pressure to reduce our Carbon footprint and to source our energy from renewable source, Energy Management Services Ltd can offer a range of Renewable technologies including Wind and Solar PV.


From initial site survey through to complete installation, commissioning and certification, all of the equipment and Installers are MCS certificated.

To ensure that you maximise you investment, Feed in Tariffs (FiT’s) and Power Purchase (PPA’s) agreements can be organised.


A unique heating solution, the radiant electric element heater warms people directly without the need to heat the air up in between and can also be used in industrial applications for curing and drying. The use of these heaters are ideally suited to;

  • Recreational Halls
  • Churches 
  • Restaurants
  • Workshops – Heating
  • Workshops - process

A very efficient way of heating giving the benefits of;

  • Economical to run
  • No fumes or exhaust systems 
  • Providing instant heat 
  • A range of power ratings available
  • Available in waterproof versions

We are able to supply:

Individual replacement lamps;
Individual/Bulk heaters
Full heating designs for new/upgrading installations.


To assist in identifying any potential savings there may be at your premesis an Energy survey is an essential starting point. Energy Management Services Ltd are able to offer highly specialised engineers who are accredited by both the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust. These Engineers are able to provide technical advice and support for energy efficiency, energy management services and implementing any improvements.

To make sure that your company is compliant with the many laws imposed on the  commercial and industrial sector we have a wide variety of other services that we can offer including;

  • Water and waste surveys,
  • Carbon footprinting,
  • Energy Performance Certificates,
  • Display Energy Certificates
  • Air Conditioning Inspections.
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Boreholes

With reduced generation shortfalls in the future and the uncertainty of the ability of the UK to ‘Plug its energy gap’, self generation is an important factor in ensuring that your company has the facility to maintain operations. Self generation also protects against power outages and planned maintenance by network operators.  There are also benefits in reducing TRIAD Charges during the winter months.

(There are alternative solutions ref: TRIAD charges, these will be evaluated on a site by site basis, contact us if you are interested)



We offer Turnkey Project Management to ensure that you have the correct sized equipment to provide sufficient power for your operation.

Energy Management Services will conduct a feasibility study complete with costongs and alternative capital cost solutions.


If you can manage your load during November to February and have a Standby Generator of 500KVA upwards (the bigger the better) you may be able to make this a revenue stream.

We would however have to conduct a feasibility study to produce hard facts to prove that you are not wasting your time.